Toll Fare:-


  1. Toll Chukai
  2. Toll Kertih
  3. Toll Bukit Besi
  4. Toll Ajil
  5. Toll Dungun
  6. Toll Paka
  7. Toll Kuala Terengganu
  8. Toll Cheneh
  9. Toll Kijal
  10. Toll Telemung




LPT2 is a Closed System highway whereby highway users are required to touch-in for electronic toll payment at entry toll plazas and touch-out for electronic toll payment at exit toll plazas.

Toll charges are based on Vehicle Class and the distance travelled.


LPT2 consists of 10 toll plazas namely Cheneh, Cukai, Kijal, Kerteh, Paka, Dungun, Bukit Besi, Ajil, Telemung and Kuala Terengganu.

Each toll plaza offers only Electronic Payment via Touch ‘n Go and SmartTAG users.